Why does the volume decrease when alcohol and water are mixed?

What will happen to alcohol and water when mixed?

When you mix the rubbing alcohol with water, the latter’s molecules make hydrogen bonds with the water molecules. The alcohol dissolves in the water to form a homogenous solution, so you cannot distinguish the alcohol and the water anymore.

When you mix alcohol and water is the volume conserved?

Are the mass and volume conserved? If ethyl alcohol is mixed with distilled water, the mass is conserved, however, volume is not. The volume will decrease in this reaction as a result of ethyl alcohol disrupting the water molecule’s structures and also because of the tighter packing of molecules in the new mixture. 2.

What happens to the total volume when ethanol and water are mixed?

The reason the mixture does not add up to 100 ml is because the molecules that make up ethanol are smaller than the molecules that make up water. So, the ethanol molecules cram themselves between the water molecules. As a result, the volume is less than expected. The volume adds up to approximately 96 ml.

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Why does water and ethanol mix a solution?

Why? The answer has to do with the different sizes of the water and ethanol molecules. Ethanol molecules are smaller than water molecules, so when the two liquids are mixed together the ethanol falls between the spaces left by the water.

Is it good to mix alcohol with water?

Alternating alcoholic beverages with water or juice will keep you hydrated and spread out the total amount of alcohol you drink. Finally, be aware that drinks in bars and restaurants may contain more alcohol than you think.

What volume of ethyl alcohol and water must be mixed?

HEY. HERE IS THE ANSWER. 60% by volume of alcohol solution means,each 100 ml of solution will have 60 ml ethyl alcohol. hence in a 250ml solution of 60% by volume of alchohol and water,alcohol should be 150 ml and water should be 100 ml.

What is the volume of alcohol and water mixture?

Explanation: When 50 milliliters of water are added to 50 milliliters of alcohol, the volume of the two mixed together is only about 96 or 97 milliliters. When mixed together, the combined molecules fit together better than when they are alone, so they take up less space. Water and ethanol mix to form a solution.

Is volume conserved when two liquids are mixed?

When one volume of liquid is mixed with another volume of liquid that is less dense than the first, the total volume of the two liquids will not be the sum of the two individual liquids. The molecules of one liquid can fill in the volume between the molecules of another.

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What happens when 50 mL of water and 50 mL of alcohol are mixed?

If you add 50 mL of water to 50 mL of water you get 100 mL of water. Similarly, if you add 50 mL of ethanol (alcohol) to 50 mL of ethanol you get 100 mL of ethanol. Ethanol molecules are smaller than water molecules, so when the two liquids are mixed together the ethanol falls between the spaces left by the water.

When 20 mL of ethanol is mixed with 10 mL of water the total volume of the solution will be?

Complete Solution :

– Volume of solution after mixing water and ethyl alcohol is as follows. – Then the total volume of the solution = volume of ethanol + Volume of water = 10 +20 = 30 mL.

What will be the nature of the solution when ethyl alcohol and water are mixed?


How do you separate a mixture of alcohol and water?

Fractional distillation is a method for separating a liquid from a mixture of two or more liquids. For example, liquid ethanol can be separated from a mixture of ethanol and water by fractional distillation. This method works because the liquids in the mixture have different boiling points.