You asked: How do you infuse alcohol with coconut?

How do you make coconut infused alcohol?

Chop coconut meat into chunks—you will get around 10 ounces of coconut meat. Place the coconut chunks in a sealable glass jar and pour in rum. Seal and shake. Let it steep for a minimum of two weeks and up to three weeks, shaking often.

Can you make vodka out of coconut?

Drop 1/2 cup dried unsweetened coconut chips and Tito’s Handmade Vodka into a resealable jar. Let sit for 4-5 days.

How do you rapidly infuse alcohol?

Rapid infusion makes flavored liquors almost instantly using nothing more than an iSi whipped cream whipper. This technique works really well, and anyone can do it. Briefly: Put any porous item into a cream whipper, charge it with N2O, swirl it for about a minute, vent, strain, and drink.

How do you infuse coconut into rum?


  1. Pierce coconut eye and drain coconut water.
  2. Crack open coconut and use a sharp knife to separate the coconut meat from shell. Chop into small chunks and place into bottle.
  3. Pour over rum and seal. Infuse for at least two weeks, shaking periodically.
  4. Once infused strain through a cheesecloth and reseal bottle.
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What does fat washing do to alcohol?

Put simply, fat-washing is infusing spirits with a fatty or oily substance. Alcohol can absorb both oil-soluble and water-soluble flavors, and as with any infusion, this technique alters the flavor and texture of the spirit.

Can coconut water turn into alcohol?

The juice from coconuts often is mixed with a variety of other flavors and alcohols to create drinks, such as the Pina Colada. However, the healthy water can be used on its own to create a tasty and strong alcohol. Almost any edible liquid can be made into alcohol. … Pour the coconut water into the large container.

Can you mix coconut water with alcohol?

Rum drinks definitely have a tropical feel to them, which makes them a perfect candidate for the addition of coconut water. In fact, the two combine surprisingly well together, which means you don’t have to do anything fancy. Cool off on a hot summer day by mixing your choice of rum with coconut water.

How long does it take to infuse herbs in alcohol?

Start tasting after a few days, could take as long as 2-3 weeks. Dried herbs: Start tasting after 24 hours, every 12 hours thereafter. Dried fruit: Start tasting after 3-5 days, then every day after that.

How long can you infuse fruit in alcohol?

As a general rule of thumb, 3-5 days is the perfect amount for most infusions. And don’t worry – even if you’re using fresh fruit, you don’t have to worry about anything going bad. The alcohol prevents any mold from growing on the fruit, so even after you strain it, you can keep it for years.

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How long does homemade coconut rum last?

Malibu rum is a flavored liqueur that’s usually around 42 proof (or 21.0% alcohol by volume). The original Malibu is made with coconut extract; hence it’s often called coconut rum.

How Long Does Malibu Rum Last.

Malibu (Opened) 1 year

Is Bacardi coconut rum?

BACARDÍ rum and coconut. … The perfect blend of white rum and essence of real coconut will transport you to a tropical paradise, even when it’s raining outside.

What can I use instead of Malibu rum?

Bacardi and Brinley Gold both have coconut-flavored rums that are less sugary and, at 70 proof, more like a spirit than a liqueur. The coconut flavor in these isn’t as strong as it is in Malibu, Cruzan, or any of their sweeter counterparts and the rum is more pronounced.