Which age group presents the greatest risk for alcohol?

Which age group presents the greatest risk for alcohol and drug related fatalities?

It appears that young drivers are at the highest risk to cause a fatal accident. Drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 cause 34% of all alcohol-impaired deaths.

What age group is the most dangerous drivers?

According to the CDC, the age range of the riskiest drivers is 16 to 19 years old. This group is three times likelier to get into a fatal crash than drivers aged 20 or older. The CDC also says male teens are twice as likely as female teenagers to be involved in a vehicle-related death.

What age group represents the most traffic fatalities?

The over-65 age group had the highest number of fatalities followed by the 16-to-20 age group among females. In addition, the 46-to-50 age group among males had the greatest increase in fatality rate.

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When a school bus stops all motorists traveling behind or approaching must?

When a school bus stops, all motorists traveling behind or approaching the bus must stop their vehicles at least 25 feet away. A motorist should only proceed after the bus signals have been turned off and even then, he/she must watch for children or persons who have developmental disabilities.

What does the S in Siren stand for?

The “S” in the acronym S.I.R.E.N. stands for Stay Alert.

Which of the following is the only thing that will get you sober?

***The only thing that can make a person sober is time. How is alcohol removed from the body? Alcohol is removed slowly by the body.

Who are the riskiest drivers?

Numerous studies and statistical analyses have been published, and the following are the most risky drivers.

  • People who can’t manage time. …
  • People who drive for work. …
  • Young drivers. …
  • Optimists. …
  • Blamers. …
  • Hedonists. …
  • People who are easily distracted. …
  • People who are down.

What age drives the most?

Studying the gender gap and demographics, we can conclude that American men between the ages of 35 and 54 drive the highest average miles per year at 18,858 miles. Whereas American women of the same age demographic drive an average of only 11,464 miles per year.

What gender has the most car accidents 2019?

Worldwide, men account for 73% of all worldwide road traffic deaths, this is three times the rate of women. So statistically, men are more likely to be in accidents and are also more likely to be convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and for driving under the influence of drugs.

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What gender has the highest accident rate?

The data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that many more men than women are casualties of car accidents. Over the course of a year, men represented 71 percent of casualties while women accounted for 29 percent.

What is the first thing a driver should do after deciding to make a turn?

First you will need to stop at the stop line, make sure that you do not interfere with pedestrians, bicyclists, or vehicles moving on their green light, and make a turn. If a street has a left turn lane, you must use it when you turn left.

When you hear a siren coming you should?

When you hear a siren coming, you should:

  1. Continue driving normally.
  2. Speed up to get out of the emergency vehicle’s way.
  3. Pull to the right side of the road and stop until it passes.
  4. Slow down, but continue driving.